Pasco county schools bell schedule 2023-2024

Pasco county schools bell schedule 2023-2024

Here are the bell schedules for Pasco County Schools for the 2023-2024 year based on the search results:

Approved Bell Times 2023-2024 April 18, 2023
Elementary SchoolsStarting TimeEnding Time
Achieve Center at Richey8:40 AM2:50 PM
Achieve Center at Wesley Chapel9:50 AM4:00 PM
Anclote Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Bexley Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Calusa Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Centennial Elementary School9:20 AM3:30 PM
Chasco Elementary School8:10 AM2:30 PM
Chester W. Taylor Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Connerton Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Cotee River Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Cypress Elementary School9:20 AM3:30 PM
Deer Park Elementary School8:10 AM2:20 PM
Denham Oaks Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Double Branch Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Fox Hollow Elementary School8:10 AM2:20 PM
Gulf Highlands Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Gulf Trace Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Gulfside Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Hudson Academy7:10 AM1:30 PM
Hudson Primary Academy10:10 AM4:20 PM
James M. Marlowe Elementary School9:10 AM3:20 PM
Lacoochee Elementary School9:20 AM3:30 PM
Lake Myrtle Elementary School9:20 AM3:30 PM
Longleaf Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Mary Giella Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Mittye P. Locke Early Learning Academy9:40 AM3:50 PM
Moon Lake Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
New River Elementary School10:10 AM4:20 PM
Oakstead Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Odessa Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Pasco Elementary School8:10 AM2:20 PM
Pine View Elementary School9:20 AM3:30 PM
Quail Hollow Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Richey Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Rodney B. Cox Elementary School8:10 AM2:20 PM
San Antonio Elementary School9:10 AM3:20 PM
Sand Pine Elementary School9:20 AM3:30 PM
Sanders Memorial Elementary School9:10 AM3:20 PM
Schrader Elementary School9:10 AM3:30 PM
Seven Oaks Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Seven Springs Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Shady Hills Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Starkey Ranch K-88:10 AM2:30 PM
Sunray Elementary School9:30 AM3:40 PM
Trinity Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Trinity Oaks Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Veterans Elementary School9:10 AM3:20 PM
Watergrass Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Wesley Chapel Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
West Zephyrhills Elementary School9:50 AM4:00 PM
Wiregrass Elementary School9:40 AM3:50 PM
Woodland Elementary School8:20 AM2:30 PM
Middle SchoolsStarting TimeEnding Time
Angeline Academy of Innovation8:10 AM2:30 PM
Bayonet Point Middle School9:10 AM3:30 PM
Centennial Middle School8:30 AM2:50 PM
Charles S. Rushe Middle School7:15 AM1:42 PM
Chasco Middle School8:10 AM2:30 PM
Crews Lake Middle School8:20 AM2:40 PM
Cypress Creek Middle School8:10 AM2:30 PM
Gulf Middle School7:25 AM1:50 PM
Hudson Academy7:10 AM1:30 PM
John Long Middle School9:10 AM3:30 PM
Pasco Middle School7:10 AM1:30 PM
Paul R. Smith Middle School8:30 AM2:50 PM
Pine View Middle School8:10 AM2:30 PM
R. B. Stewart Middle School7:25 AM1:50 PM
River Ridge Middle School7:10 AM1:30 PM
Seven Springs Middle School8:25 AM2:50 PM
Starkey Ranch K-88:10 AM2:30 PM
Thomas E. Weightman Middle School8:20 AM2:40 PM
High SchoolsStarting TimeEnding Time
Achieve Center Pasco @ East Pasco Ed. Academy10:10 AM4:05 PM
Achieve Center Pasco @ West Pasco Ed. Academy10:10 AM4:05 PM
Anclote High School8:40 AM3:00 PM
Angeline Academy of Innovation8:10 AM2:30 PM
Cypress Creek High School7:10 AM1:34 PM
East Pasco Education Academy10:10 AM4:30 PM
Fivay High School8:10 AM2:35 PM
Gulf High School7:10 AM1:30 PM
Hudson High School7:10 AM1:30 PM
J. W. Mitchell High School8:25 AM2:52 PM
Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation7:10 AM2:05 PM
Land Oā€™ Lakes High School7:06 AM1:35 PM
Pasco High School7:15 AM1:43 PM
River Ridge High School7:10 AM1:30 PM
Sunlake High School7:10 AM1:44 PM
Wendell Krinn Technical High School8:10 AM3:05 PM
Wesley Chapel High School7:10 AM1:34 PM
West Pasco Education Academy10:10 AM4:30 PM
Wiregrass Ranch High School8:10 AM2:36 PM
Zephyrhills High School7:06 AM1:36 PM
Fred K. Marchman Technical College8:20 AM3:05 PM


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