How to Check Your Grades on myPascoConnect?

How to Check Your Grades on myPascoConnect?

As a parent, staying updated on your child’s academic performance is important. myPascoConnect offers the myStudent parent portal – an online resource allowing you to view your student’s grades, assignments, attendance records, and more for Pasco County Schools.

By logging into the myPascoConnect parent portal, parents can monitor grades on myStudent to track progress. This article provides step-by-step instructions for parents to conveniently access the grade information they need through the myPascoConnect login and parent portal view. Key info covered includes: myPascoConnect parent portal, my student portal, Pasco County Schools, myPascoConnect login, view grades on myPascoconnect.

How To View Grades On Mypascoconnect Parent Portal?

myPascoConnect is the website students and parents use to access grades, assignments, and school information. Follow these easy steps to view grades:

Here’s how to view your grades on myPascoConnect:

1. Access myPascoConnect:

  • Go to the myPascoConnect website:
  • If you’re a student, log in using your student ID and password.
  • If you’re a parent, use your Parent Portal account credentials.

2. Navigate to the Grading Section:

  • Once logged in, look for the “Grades” or “Report Cards” section. This might be located under the “Parent Links” menu on the right side of the screen or within the “Main Menu” dropdown.
  • The exact location and menu names might vary depending on your user type and school district configuration.

3. Select the Appropriate Options:

  • You may need to choose your child (if you have multiple) and the desired marking period/term.
  • Some systems might require additional confirmation steps for security purposes.

4. View Your Grades:

  • You should now see a list of your courses with corresponding grades, assignments, and other relevant information.
  • The specific layout and details displayed might vary based on your school and grade level.

Additional Tips:

  • If you encounter difficulties finding your grades, try using the search function within myPascoConnect or contacting your school’s technology support team.
  • Remember that grades might be updated periodically, so check back regularly for the latest information.
  • Explore other features in myPascoConnect to access additional resources and tools related to your academic performance.


Viewing your student’s academic progress and grades is essential to supporting their education. The myPascoConnect online portal offers a convenient way for parents to stay updated on grades, assignments, attendance, and more through its parent access view.

By following the step-by-step process outlined here for logging into myPascoConnect, navigating to the Grades section, and selecting the appropriate student and term, parents can access the latest grades.

Getting into the routine of regularly checking in on grades on myPascoConnect helps parents stay informed and engaged with their child’s studies. Reach out to your school’s technology support resources if any issues accessing grades arise within the portal or app. Together, parents and schools can utilize the tools myPascoConnect provides to enhance collaboration around student success.


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